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04 May 2011 @ 06:22 pm
Icons :: Charlie Adam etc.  
At first I've decided to make another 60 icons - this time from Charlie Adam pictures. Easily I could have chose 60 but thought to put in all 94. On some icons you may notice the progress in the making. And there is a certain progress in the whole lot. Really. If you can't notice ... well ... it's enough when I see it ;)

Then there is a mini lot of other icons from Kris Boyd, Lee McCulloch and Rory Delap pictures plus two "arts / banners" from Charlie Adam and James McFadden pictures. I hope you enjoy some of them. If you want to use them feel free to do so but with a tiny hint on me making them.

001-094 Charlie Adam
095-098 Kris Boyd
099-101 Lee McCulloch
102-103 Rory Delap


Follow this link to have a look on the rest...